Day 7 – January 12

Philippians 1:28-30(NLT) Don’t be intimidated in any way by your enemies. This will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that you are going to be saved, even by God himself. 29 For you have been given not only the privilege of trusting in Christ but also the privilege of suffering for him. 30 We are in this struggle together. You have seen my struggle in the past, and you know that I am still in the midst of it.


  • Pray that the Lord will set you free from a spirit of fear and intimidation.
  • Ask the Lord to give you the courage to pay whatever price necessary to fulfill His purpose.
  • Ask the Lord to change the way you see suffering for Him, from “Why me?” to “it’s a privilege”.
  • Pray for your fellow believers who are struggling, especially those who are suffering for their faith around the world.