Monday – October 28, 2019 – Generational Changes

1 Kings 17:1 (NIV) Now Elijah the Tishbite, from Tishbe in Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word.”

From generation to generation, there can be major differences in their experiences. You can see that as you read through the Bible, you find good times and bad times; times of plenty and times of want; times of revival and times of apostacy. Things go wrong and people lose their way. That is especially true when the leaders they follow have lost their way. Sometimes it is the result of heeding bad counsel. Perhaps it is the result of listening to a counselor and hearing what you want to hear rather than what is being said, to excuse your decisions and behavior. In other words, you never give your counselor a fair hearing, because you have already determined your course of action.

When you are a king with absolute power, it can be difficult for a counselor to get his message across when he speaks to you, so he resorts to drastic measures. That does not mean that Elijah in the Scripture above was making his own pronouncement, he was speaking on behalf of God. God used prophets for the advantage of the King. He needed them to challenge the King when his power was going to his head and he started to defy God and His ways. They were not yes men who told the King what he wanted to hear; they were spokesmen for God’s truth regardless of the consequences.

Elijah was a prophet in Israel when Ahab was king. He was an ungodly king, very wicked in his ways. He married a queen named Jezebel from Phoenicia where they worshiped other gods. She became King Ahab’s main counselor and was consistently leading him astray. When Elijah confronted Ahab, he knew what kind of a man he was dealing with. He left and hid from Ahab in a remote area, where God supernaturally sustained him. He got water from a brook and bread and meat from ravens. He would later have confrontations with Ahab, Jezebel and the gods they served. They were battles of seismic proportions. He spent some of his life as a fugitive. The life of a leader is not always roses and sweet smells. We need to pray for and support the spiritual leaders of this generation, realizing that there are Ahab’s and Jezebel’s leading our generation away from the ways of God.

Prayer: Lord, give us strength and resolve to pray for our spiritual leaders who are leading the battle against societal leaders who go against God.