Monday October 21, 2019 Generational Connections

2 Timothy 1:4 (NIV) Recalling your tears, I long to see you, so that I may be filled with joy.


We’ve all heard the term, giving back. In our society, it is considered a good thing. Its connotation is that someone has been able to take advantage of what some person or group had to offer to advance, to go further than they could on their own. Not wanting to be selfish, people want to give something in return. However, when you are in a deep relationship, there is much more involved. You not only receive; you also give back to others and stay close to the one who provided the way for you. That’s how Paul and Timothy were with each other.


Imagine a single father raising a child and providing everything that he needs. As he trains and nurtures his son, he hopes that he will excel in school. He encourages him to be successful and to do good; to help those who are less advantaged than he is. He expects him to sacrifice, being grateful for all that is provided for him. While the son is receiving all this support, the father himself makes sacrifices. He gives and gives and gives. Almost every resource is spent to help his son succeed.


The son leaves home to attend college. He earns he highest grades, serves in philanthropic organizations, feeds the homeless and is just an all-around good guy. He graduates and becomes a doctor. He transcends every expectation, doing pro bono work becoming the envy of all his peers. His work, however, calls him away from his father and he lives across the county. His life is so full of himself; he forgets about his father. He never calls him, rarely sends him a birthday card, doesn’t reach out to him. Somehow, he thinks that becoming all that his father hoped he’d become was enough gratitude. He never asks, is this what Dad wanted for me, to become successful with me showing no appreciation to him. For me to spend no time with him, and basically forgetting all about him. How do you think he would answer himself? How would his father answer him?


It may be that one generation following another does this very thing. They think that the flaws of the previous generation preclude them from showing gratitude. Somehow, they think that they are the only ones who deserve credit. Let’s give credit where it is due and show gratitude when we can.


Prayer: Thank You Father, for the sacrifice that You made for me. It not only allows me to live successfully; it allows me to know You, really know You.