Tuesday – October 1, 2019 – A Choice to Be Made


Hebrews 11:20 (NIV) By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau in regard to their future.

We’ve looked at how Abraham had built wells for his generation and how Isaac and his generation was able to enjoy them. Isaac did the same thing. The last recorded well that Isaac dug was in the center of the town that grew up around it. Beersheba became an important city in Israel. What Abraham built; Isaac was able to enjoy. What Isaac built, Jacob, his son soon enjoyed while succeeding generations had similar blessings. You can never diminish the contribution that Abraham made to Isaac and the contribution that Isaac made to Jacob and the contribution that Jacob made to succeeding generations. The blessings accumulated and eventually the savior of all humanity came from their lineage. Jacob pursued God’s plan for him while Esau rejected it. The result was, God accepted Jacob and rejected Esau.

I have received tremendous advantage in my life thanks to the generations of my family that have gone before me who chose to serve the Lord. But there came a time when I had to dig my own wells. I have been blessed to see my own children serving the Lord and I encourage them to dig wells in their own lives. I have contributed to their spiritual wellbeing but now they must allow God to provide for them. God will provide for them when they sit at the well of His Spirit drinking the blessing that He has for them. 


You may not be able to relate to what has just been written. Perhaps you came from a family that did not love God or even know Him. If that is true, this faith journey can begin with you. Think about this; what kind of a spiritual heritage are you providing for your children? Not just your children; also, your grandchildren and great grandchildren and all succeeding generations.


Prayer: Thank you, Lord, that Your blessing in our lives start with a choice we make that often comes from the examples set by those who went before us.