Honor & Blessing | Devotional 10/02

Tuesday – October 2, 2018 – God’s Word and His Name.

Psalm 138:2,6 (NLV) I will bow down toward Your holy house. And I will give thanks to Your name for Your loving-kindness and Your truth. For You have honored Your Word because of what Your name is…

For even if the Lord is honored, He thinks about those who have no pride. But He knows the proud from far away.

Honor is owed to God because of who He is. He sets all boundaries and conditions because He is the creator; our creator. He does what He wants because that is His right. We can have complete confidence in Him because of His nature. His nature does not allow Him to violate any of His attributes. One attribute we see is that of loving-kindness. When we become a part of His family, we begin the process of becoming like Him; becoming loving, exhibiting it through kindness.

Another attribute of God is truth. He is completely reliable and can be trusted. We will know the truth (through the Father, through the Son and the author of the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit) and we will be set free. Read John 8:31-32. Loving-kindness and truthfulness do not allow you to be arrogant, or to be full of pride. The NLT gives Psalm 138:6 a different rendering than the NLV. “Though the Lord is great, he cares for the humble, but he keeps his distance from the proud.

Again, we see the preference that God has for the humble. He watches out for them and cares for them by drawing them near. On the other hand, He keeps His distance from the proud, He only knows them from far away.

His name and His Word are closely linked together. His name (His character and attributes) are revealed to us by His Word. Without His Word, our revelation about Him would be limited. Our encouragement, then is to enlarge, honor and magnify both His Word and His name.

Prayer: Lord, help me as I discipline myself to increase my knowledge regarding Your name and Your Word.