Honor & Blessing | Devotional 09/24

Monday – September 24, 2018 – Honor, a Challenging Concept.

Proverbs 15:33 (NIV) Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the Lord, and humility comes before honor.

Honor is becoming a foreign concept in modern America. We do not even understand what it means. It is something we think we want, but do we really?

There is a famous line from a Hollywood movie that goes something like this, “You want the truth! You can’t handle the truth.” The truth about honor is that it is very difficult to handle. Why is that, you might ask? Regarding honor, there is something that precedes it and it is not as appealing. You can’t properly handle the latter, without having the former. If the order gets messed up, the whole world gets messed up.

Often in High School and College, to take one course, you must first take another. If you want to take Economics 201, you must first take Economics 101. The reason is, you must first learn concepts in the previous class before you can understand the concepts that are to follow. That is not easy to swallow in a culture that wants instant gratification, and there has never been a culture in history that demands things now like Americans of the 21st century.

If I go into a fast food restaurant, I want my food now, but I must have something first before I can get the food. I need money. Money doesn’t come as easy as eating, but we can’t eat if we have not first worked and earned the money. Honor is not grace; grace is a gift, while honor is earned. Earning honor first has the tuition of humility. Humility is the ingredient that prepares you for honor.

Prayer: Lord, empower me to learn humility. I know it won’t be simple or easy, that is why I need Your empowerment.